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2022 tokens

Shadow on Concrete Wall

about utc.

what is this random merchant caravan rolling through town?

My gaming name is Utaku Soto (easter egg for some of you L5R players) and welcome to my True Dungeon trading caravan! My caravan started focusing on trade goods and transmute ingredients, however as the back room of treasure I've gathered in my journeys has expanded, I've also added new areas that may interest you as well...

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This is where you can find all the transmute ingredients (Trade Goods, Monster Trophies, and Gear) I've gathered to help you complete that transmutation session you've got scheduled with the town Clerics tomorrow

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What's True Dungeon without treasurers from the chests along the way? I've got a nice selection of Ultra Rares, Relics, Completion Items, Annual Treasures, as well as a wide selection of Rares for your next adventure.

Exchange Shop from Above

trading post.

I'm open to any trade requests for any tokens as always looking to add to my caravan's supply for the next town. While I have a needs list, make me an offer on anything and worst case we leave as new friends.

Auction Hammer

8k auction.

Need a few Trade Goods, Ultra, this year's Orb of Dragonkind, or a Wish Ring but don't have $8K? That's where 8K auctions come in! Bid on the items you want and once we hit finding, I put in the order and distribute the fun!

Shadow on Concrete Wall

trade goods.

get the goods you need for the items you want.