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don't know what an 8k auction is or how to get started? step right up...

First time to the Auction House or just have questions on how I run my auctions at the caravan? Read on and hopefully you will find all the answers you are looking for. Worst case scenario, you can always reach me via the contact section and happy to help you get started!  GOOD LUCK at the Auction House!

What is an 8K Auction anyways?

Great and important question and I'll break the answer into 2 mini-answers: What does 8K mean?

  • One of the most covetted items in Ture dungeon is the 8K pack that every player can order directly from Jeff & Lori whenever you'd like.
  • There are a few different options available for how to order an 8K, however I will primarily be using the Super-Condensed Pack for auction purposes.
  • The Super-Condensed Pack include both a ton of Trade Goods as well as a bunch of goodies on top including 34 additional Ultra Rares of your choice, a paragon level item only available through 8K purchases, as well as many other items you'd receive in 1K and 2K orders.
How does an 8K Auction work?
  • For an 8K Auction, I put all the fixed items included in a 8K pack up for bid and just like other options, top bid wins!!
  • The objective is to give players a way to get that one item they would like to get from an 8K Pack without having to put down the full $8,000 alone.
  • This includes that last UR they are looking for lower than the price they'd often find online. Or pick up those final trade goods they need to complete their first Relic or other Transmuted build.

What is included in an 8K pack that will be up for auction?

Because I evidently like answering everything in groups of 2, let's keep it going! Special 8K Pack Items

  • Four (4) limited-edition Goggles of Ethereal Vision tokens
  • Eight (8) 7th Tooth of Cavadar Premium tokens
  • One (1) über-rare Orb of Dragonkind (Ancient) token. There will be a different Orb of Dragonkind token made each year from 2015-2022, and all eight can be transmuted in 2022 into the Supreme Orb of Dragonkind. A Grand Orb of Dragonkind (requiring only 5 different tokens) can also be made at that time as well. The details of what benefits these transmuted tokens bestow are shrouded in mystery at this time.
  • One (1) über-rare Wish Ring token
  • One (1) über-rare 2021 Patron Lapel Pin
1 of 3 Options on Packs vs. Trade Goods (Super-Condensed is our default)
  • Standard: With this option, 960 ten-packs of tokens will be available for purchase. If you enjoy lifting heavy boxes opening a LOT of token packs, this is for you.
  • Condensed Pack: In lieu of shrinkwrapped packs, the commons are converted into Trade Goods with the Uncommon and Rare tokens being available for purchase:

    8 bags of 120× Random Rare tokens (10% of these are platinum backed)
    8 bags of 240× Random Uncommon tokens (10% of these are platinum backed)
    16× Potion Condensed Healing (in place of 21 Potion Dwarven Brew tokens)
    16× Alchemist's Ink
    24× Alchemist's Parchment
    48× Darkwood Plank
    64× Dwarven Steel
    8× Enchanter's Munition
    40× Minotaur Hide
    48× Mystic Silk
    24× Philosopher's Stone
    8,000 GP
    8× Tankard of Celebration token
  • Super-Condensed: This option takes Condensed a step further. All the Common, Uncommon, and Rare tokens get converted into Trade tokens. Each $8K Super-Condensed order gets the following:

    Eight (8) Tankard of Celebration tokens
    17× Potion Condensed Healing (in place of 168 Potion Dwarven Brew tokens)
    37× Alchemist's Ink
    53× Alchemist's Parchment
    10× Aragonite
    117× Darkwood Plank
    64× Dwarven Steel
    12× Elven Bismuth
    20× Enchanter's Munition
    40× Minotaur Hide
    112× Mystic Silk
    12× Oil of Enchantment
    134× Philosopher's Stone
    44,000 GP

What is the 8K Auction format?

2 Week Lightning Style Auction: Auction will close after 2 weeks or once we hit our funding amount (typically $7,500), whichever comes first. Blind Auction: Amounts will be public, however names will be private. We will use NES Character monikers for all bidders. Vickery Auction: Think eBay in which you can bid for the highest amount you are willing to pay, however you pay based on the 2nd highest bidder (+ bid increment if you submitted your bid after 2nd highest bidder).

How does bidding work (a.k.a. what the heck is a Vickory Auction?!?)?

  • Bids should be sent to me via contact form or via email at
  • Once bid is received, I will send you a PM confirming it your NES Character monikers, which will be the same for each item you bid on.
  • You must bid at least the lowest current winning bid + the bid increment.
  • The highest bid wins, however the winner pays only the 2nd highest bid + the bid increment if the highest max was bit later than the 2nd highest bid. This means if you bid $100 and next highest bid is $75, you only pay $75 if you placed your bid first or $80 if you placed your bid second. This prevents sniping and encourages bids for the highest amount willing to pay, knowing that if demand is less, you will not overpay for the item.
  • This auction rewards early bidding. If multiple bidders bid the same amount, the earliest bids win.
  • Feel free to bid on any number of items for which there are multiples available, your bid will always apply to the cheapest items.

I want to place a bid, so what are the bidding increments?

  • Bid increment on items less than $10: $0.25
  • Bid increment on items greater than or equal to $10 and less than $50: $1
  • Bid increment on items greater than or equal to $50: $5
  • NOTE: All bids must be divisible by the increment in place for their bid tier.

When does the 8K Auction end?

Bidding ends on at 8PM PT / 11PM ET, but this is Lightning Style auction so it will end immediately once we reach the funding threshold. Put another way, if we do not hit funding, the auction ends at the time listed.
Quick Additional Note:

  1. If there are technical difficulties with TD forums within 1 hour of the end auction time all open items will be extended 24 hours, open to all bidders.

I won some 8K Auction items! Now how do I pay for the items I won?

All winning bids will have 48 hours after close of auction to provide payment. Any unpaid item(s) after allowed time will defer their winning bid and the next highest bidder will be offered the item at their maximum bid price of the item(s). I accept payment in all ways that are accepted on our site and only item is if paying via credit card, I will need to charge a 3% processing fee. Otherwise all are good to go!

What are the shipping costs for my won items?

For Domestic Shipping, I will follow the following guidelines: $6 for 10 or fewer tokens $9 for 11 to 150 tokens $20 for over 150-1000 tokens After 1,000 tokens, repeat as above (i.e. $26 for 1,001 to 1,010 tokens) International shipping will be the actual cost.

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